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Does myprint.express integrate with my CRM?

Our System integrates with some third-party software providers. Currently we integrate with Agentbox, Box+Dice, and Eagle. We investigate each new CRM as we come across them, however some do not allow integration with an outside system. If integration is not possible, our user interface is really simple, so getting your property data into the system is very quick and easy.

What is the cut off time for orders and deliveries?

Property brochure orders and weekly magazines will be dispatched the same day. Fortnightly and Monthly Magazines will be dispatched the next business day.

Turnaround Times and Delivery

Can I cancel this service at anytime?

Absolutely. We can't see why you would, however, we only like to work with people who like to work with us, so if it doesn't suit, then we'll happily cancel the service.

Our Cancellation Policy

Can I change the templates?

Yes you can. The templates available are chosen as the best representation of your brand. However if you would like a different template, or changes that can be arranged. 

Artwork & Templates

Do my team need special training?

No. We have clients at all different skill or creative levels. Our system takes care of your brand management, and automates the artwork for repetitive tasks, removing the risk of errors and keeping your brand intact. We provide support resources and training as much as is needed, but the system is so easy you'll be up and running in no time.

How do the magazines work?

Your e-magazine is included in your subscription and you can publish as often as you like. Every day if you want to. The magazine is set up for printing, so if you want us to supply printed magazines, there is a minimum order. You can order once a week, once a fortnight or once a month; adhoc, or not at all. However, when you order, the minimum is 25 up to as many as you need.

More about our Magazines