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Automated e-magazine and Printed magazines

Products and Plans

A real opportunity to be different . . .

We identified some time ago an opportunity to enable Real Estate Agents to have professionally presented property flip books or printed magazines in small quantities promoting their own properties, rather than including irrelevant properties, or promoting them along with their many other competitors. We took it a step further and included information about the community, their agents and their business to create the perfect listing & selling tool for any agency.

A first for our industry and yours. . .

5 years in the development, myprint.express is a first for our industry and yours as it automatically catalogues your properties and presents them in this beautiful magazine. No more adding in one property at a time, it takes all of the work out of putting your property list together, eliminating the need and cost for artwork, and freeing up valuable resources. Our commitment to continuous improvement inspires us to continually improve functionality and product offerings to our real estate clients and support them in their endeavours to market properties and themselves within this highly competitive industry. 

It's so easy to use . . .

myprint.express is a user inspired, web-based solution that we have designed and created with our own in-house development team to bring you a simple, cost effective system that handles this task plus your property, agent and agency print marketing with ease. Our system integrates with a number of commercial CRM's in the marketplace and we are adding more every day.

Property web books...

Our e-magazines are automatically created for you, and you are provided a link to include in your website or to email out to your clients. This link never changes, however the magazine will update each time you publish, so it will display your current magazine. In addition, your clients can download the e-magazine on to their tablet or phone which is handy if they are out of internet range.

or magazines . . .

Your magazines can also be printed on a regular or adhoc basis. However, we recommend weekly or fortnightly to keep it fresh, and up to date with your listings.

Dispatched the next day by overnight delivery, these are a great way to promote your business, your properties and your agents in your market.

Supporting your brand . . .

Automating your artwork ensures your products are always true to your brand in both look and quality, while freeing up your internal resources to work on other projects. Our system is also a bit of insurance if your specialised skill-set leaves the Company. There are no special skills required to use myprint.express, therefore anyone can jump in to do the work. Our resources include cheat sheets, supporting articles, images, posts and other creative to help. 

To support your marketing efforts, we provide many other products for you to use, including property marketing brochures, DL drops and greeting cards to name a few.

Brochures can be ordered in quantities as low as 10 for $15 enabling you to order, only what you need, knowing they'll be delivered the very next day*.

We made it, so we support it . . .

myprint.express comes with online chat, email and telephone support, to provide real-time support. 

Our IT and development guys are also available to immediately attend to any technical issues.

Our clients love it . . .

With almost 30 years experience in the printing and IT industry and with a career dedicated to customer service, we understand the needs of our clients. 

Real Estate Agency Directors & Managers love myprint.express because it delivers savings on key financial resources, personnel and time.

Real Estate Agency Marketing & Sales Admin Teams love it, because it frees up substantial portions of their time, allowing them to work on other initiatives. It keeps the brand intact and keeps everything at a consistent and professional level.

Real Estate Agents just love it. myprint.express delivers new products to help promote their business, and backs up their promotional, prospecting and follow up efforts.