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Sandy's 4 Best Ideas to get listings this Spring!

At myprint.express, we concept your ideas for free, set it up, and you order as many as you need, delivered overnight.

Based in Victoria, we ship out across Australia every day.

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Send out a Postcard

When you see a beautiful picture, holiday destination or a sweet puppy, how does that make you feel? Generally it will put a smile on your face.

Send a beautiful picture with a short personal message and your personalised details

Low Quantities Prices from $18.70 for 50 Cards

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Spruce up your List Kit

Look the part and leave important information with your client. Include community information, testimonials and recent results.

Present it in a quality booklet to leave with your client.

Low Quantities Prices from $85.50 for 25 Booklets

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Drop a Card

Strengthen your brand, let the neighbourhood know what your clients say about you. Drop out a Testimonail Card or a results card.

Drop in your target area, the block behind or alongside

Low Quantities Prices from $28.60 for 100 drops.

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Give Something Away

Do a deal with a local coffee shop. Have some vouchers to give away to someone who gives you a lead, or does something nice.

Keep a card in your pocket at all times.

Low Quantities Prices from $49.50 for 250 cards

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